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We all want to help create a cleaner world.  And, each and every day, we all want to do our part by taking the steps necessary to build a sustainable environment.  But being a good steward to the environment and to the community can also make sound economic sense.  One option that is capturing widespread interest is the generation of green Breitling Replica Watches electricity at a business or home. Company leaders and homeowners have realized the enormous potential of their roofs to generate solar electricity for their own use.  They have transformed a previously ignored and unused space into a valuable asset, providing both utility savings and potential profits for many years to come.

Many mistakenly believe that solar energy is unaffordable. But, the reality is quite different. With current government incentives and the opportunity to sell solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) produced by your system, the payback period could be a few short years. And, with the SREC program lasting 15 years and the solar panels being guaranteed for 25 years, the life of your investment will extend well beyond the time where the system has paid for itself.


$0 Investment


For those homeowners that don't want to make the initial investment in a solar energy system, it doesn't mean they cannot benefit from solar as well. Advanced Performance Solar has developed an innovative program that puts solar panels on your roof at no cost to you. This program can significantly reduce current electric bills, and will provide secure long-term rates that the electric utility can't offer. The program includes a solar production guarantee for 20+ years, a fully monitored solar system, full maintenance and repair, full system insurance, free inverter replacement, energy security and peace of mind.

A 100% funded solar system may sound too good to be true, so let me explain the details. There are companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and others that are investing money into renewable energy systems. The most well-known of the investor companies is Google. They have pledged to provide funding for thousands of qualified homeowners to install a solar energy system. A truly Win-Win situation. Through a power purchase agreement, a homeowner agrees to buy the electricity generated by their system at guaranteed rates, while the investors retain ownership of the system. This arrangement allows the homeowner to significantly reduce their electric costs, while the investors are able to take advantage of government incentives and environmental attributes.

To see if you qualify for this program, complete the free solar assessment form.

RTE Enterprises is an authorized marketing representative for Advanced Performance Solar. AP Solar is a full-service, turnkey provider of PV power generation systems. Led by NABCEP certified solar photovoltaic construction managers, they provide fully integrated solar services, including:

• Roof survey and warranty analysis

• Structural study

• Solar design and engineering

• Permitting

• Construction

• Project management

• Utility interconnection and commissioning

• Ongoing system operations and maintenance

• Financial structuring and flexible finance options

Does helping the environment and saving money sound like the right solution for your business or household?

Contact Us today for a free solar feasibility assessment that will determine whether a solar energy system makes sense for your business or home.